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Welcome to the website attitudeliving.Com (the)网站"), which is owned and operated by 的态度 ("的态度" or “We”). 请阅读本网站的一般使用条款及条件("使用条款") carefully before consulting and using this 网站. These 使用条款 set forth the 法律ly binding terms and conditions for your 使用 of this 网站, and the related or available 服务, 提供了, 销售, 内容, 促销活动, 模式, 工具, 特性, 在线商店, as well as any order or 购买 you make via the 网站. By accessing and using the 网站, 您确认您接受这些使用条款(以及包括所有在此引用和/或通过本网站的超链接提供的附加条款和条件和政策),并承诺完全遵守这些条款和条件,并遵守适用的法律法规.


的态度 reserves the right to update, 修改或替换使用条款的任何条款而不另行通知,因此您同意定期查阅使用条款以随时了解其内容. 您对本网站的访问和使用将受使用时发布在网站上的使用条款的约束.


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The 使用条款 apply to all 使用rs of the 网站, 包括, without limitation, 使用rs who are browsers, 供应商, 客户, 商人, and/ or contributors of 内容, 信息 and other 材料 or 服务 on the 网站. If these Terms of Service are considered an offer, acceptance is expressly limited to these Terms of Service.


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Our 在线商店 is hosted on Shopify Inc. 他们为我们提供在线电子商务平台,使我们能够向您销售我们的产品和服务.


Conditions of eligibility


You acknowledge and agree that the 网站, and the products and 服务 offered by 的态度, are intended only for personal, 法律, 非商业用途,供超过其居住省份法定成年年龄的人使用(如果您是未成年人), you must obtain prior parental authorization), who are not barred from using websites, and who are able to enter into a 法律ly binding contract under applicable legislation.


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违反或违反本条款所包含的任何条款将导致您使用或访问本网站的权利立即终止, 包括 any related 服务 and 工具.




您同意您不会在任何给定时间为本网站创建或拥有超过一(1)个帐户,并且您只向我们提供真实的信息, 准确的, current and complete 信息 at all time when you create or register for an account, or when you place an order or make a 购买.


您全权负责对您的帐户密码保密. Your account is for your personal 使用 only. You may not authorize others to 使用 your account or transfer your account to any other person. You are solely responsible for all 使用s of your account and any activity performed through it, 和你 acknowledge and agree that 的态度 expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.


我们保留禁用您的用户帐户或密码的权利, to suspend or terminate your right to 使用 your account, 您访问本网站或任何服务或工具(或其任何部分), 在任何时候, without prior notice, in our sole discretion for no or any reason, 包括 without limitation, if we consider that you have failed to comply with any of the terms of this 使用条款.




本网站的所有销售产品均受本使用条款的约束, 以及我们的退货和运输政策以及任何其他特定于购买的销售条款(统称), “销售条款”),如有更改,概不另行通知.


By ordering and/or accepting delivery of the products 购买d on our 在线商店, 您被视为已阅读并同意受本销售条款的约束, 包括 our Return and Shipping Policy. 有关这方面的信息,请参阅我们的退款和运输政策.




All sizes and weights quoted are approximate. 列出的所有费用和价格均以加元计算,所有费用将以加元处理. 本网站上列出的所有价格以确认为准, and are subject to 10betapp体育官网 without notice, at our discretion. All sizes and weights quoted are approximate. You agree to pay all 指控 payable for your order.


的态度 reserves the right to correct any 错误s in prices indicated on the 网站. 态度可能, in its discretion, 修改, ref使用 or cancel any order, 购买 or 促销活动 due to a system 错误, 价格错误, fraud or any other ca使用 beyond its control. 网站上显示的价格可能与个别店内价格不同,的态度不对您或任何第三方承担任何修改或价格变更的责任.




为了继续进行订单或购买网站上显示的产品, you will be required to enter certain 信息, 包括, 但不限于此 to, 用于支付订单和相关发票的信用卡信息. By providing this 信息, you guarantee that it is both 准确的 and current. By placing an order or making a 购买, 您确认,您同意支付您或您的信用卡用户所产生的与订单有关的所有费用.


我们保留拒绝你方订货的权利. We reserve the right to cancel or limit (per person, (每户或每份订单)您可自行决定通过本网站购买或订购的产品数量. 这些限制可能包括使用同一客户帐户下的订单, the same cr编辑 card, and/or same billing and/or shipping address. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers or distributors.




The 可用性 of the products offered on the 网站, and the 描述s of such products, may vary based on location and timing, and 的态度 提供了 no guarantee in this regard.


Some products may not be available via our 网站 and/or may be available only on this 网站. 我们保留限制我们提供的任何产品数量的权利. 我们保留随时停止任何产品的权利. All 描述s of products or product 定价 are subject to 10betapp体育官网 at anytime without notice, at the sole discretion of us. 在禁止的情况下,本网站对任何产品的任何报价无效.


We do not warrant that the quality of any products, 服务, 信息, or other material 购买d or obtained by you via this 网站 will meet your expectations.




的态度 提供了 a subscription service which, 当激活, 允许您按月或根据您选择的期限(1至6个月)自动接收产品. All orders placed with the subscription service are subject to these 销售条款, 我们的使用期限, our Return and 交付 Policy and all and other applicable terms and conditions of our website. If you place an order through the subscription service, you confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.


有效的信用卡是订阅订单唯一接受的付款方式. 订阅订单中任何产品的费用(包括运费)将被记入用于创建订阅的支付卡中,并将根据您选择的间隔时间自动记入借方. If we are unable to complete a payment with the cr编辑 card you 使用d to subscribe, or if a payment is declined, 您将收到一封电子邮件,通知您并授权我们使用您帐户中的另一张信用卡更新您的订阅. 订阅 orders will be suspended in the interim.


您的订阅将一直有效,直到它被取消. You can 10betapp体育官网 or cancel your subscription 在任何时候 by logging into your account, selecting 订阅s, and then clicking Cancel or Change next to the product.


Prior to each shipment, we will send you an email to let you know that your next order is being processed, so you can make any necessary updates or cancel an order, 如果有必要的话, before the products are shipped.


Offers and Promotions


本网站可能不时提供特别优惠或促销活动. Promotions cannot be combined with any other offer, 促销活动, bonus and coupon, 并且仅对通过网站上的在线商店的订单有效,并且每个订单最多有一(1)张优惠券或促销. 所选商品的折扣和促销在供应持续或促销结束时有效. Promotions are valid in 加拿大 only.




的态度 will 使用 its best commercially efforts to deliver items as quickly as possible, and within any time indicated, but any delivery date is approximate only. All items are delivered by a third party, 交货是由他们的运输合同决定的,我们无法控制. 的态度 shall not be liable for any 损失, 成本, 损害赔偿, 指控, 或任何延迟交付货物给你造成的费用.




Return or Ex10betapp体育官网


The products sold on our 网站 are final 销售. 出于健康和安全考虑,我们不接受退换货. 这一政策的实施是为了通过减少包装和额外的运输来减少我们对环境的影响.




Cancellation of Order


在网站上的销售和订单是最终的,不能取消或修改, except for reasons specifically provided for by law. 然而, 态度可能 at its sole discretion accept to cancel an order that has not already been prepared. For any questions in this regard, you may contact us by phone at 1 (514) 509-7225 , or 通过电子邮件 at support@的态度living.com.




本网站可能, from time to time, 包含您可以通过本网站或的态度管理的社交媒体平台参加的竞赛. Each contest is governed by its own contest rules, which you must read and agree to before you may enter, and by the applicable laws.




礼品卡可以在任何时候用于支付在线购物. They cannot be redeemed or ex10betapp体育官网d for 现金. 礼品卡可自由转让,应像现金一样妥善保管. 礼品卡没有市场价值,除非法律要求. Gift cards have no associated fees or expirations dates. Damaged or modified gift cards will not be accepted. 礼品卡如有遗失、被盗或未经授权使用,我们将不予退换. 如果你的购物总额少于你的礼品卡的价值, 您将能够使用剩余的余额用于将来的购买. 如果您购买的商品总价值大于礼品卡余额, you must provide your cr编辑 card details, 借记卡, 现金, or other accepted method of payment to cover the balance. 如果使用礼品卡购买的物品被退回, a new gift card will be issued at the refunded amount. The 购买 of 的态度’s gift cards is final and cannot be refunded or ex10betapp体育官网d. 使用礼品卡即表示接受这些使用条款.


Privacy and Protection of Personal Information


When you 使用 our 网站, you are deemed to have read and accepted our policies, 包括 our 隐私政策. You therefore understand that by using our 网站, 包括 creating an account or placing an order, you consent to our collection, 使用 and disclosure of your personal 信息 in accordance with this 隐私政策. For 信息 regarding the protection of personal 信息, please see our .


Information available on the 网站 and Error


的态度尽最大努力确保网站定期更新,并确保网站所含信息的准确性和可靠性. 然而, despite its efforts, 的态度不能保证本网站不存在错误、不准确或遗漏(包括但不限于与产品描述有关的错误), 定价, 促销活动, 提供了, product shipping 指控, transit times and 可用性) and therefore 的态度 declines all responsibility in this regard. 您理解并同意,如果本网站提供的信息不准确,的态度不承担任何责任, complete or current.


的信息, 描述, 建议, historical 信息, 以及在本网站上提供或提供的服务或工具仅为指示性目的而向您提供,不应依赖或用作在未经咨询的情况下做出决定的唯一依据, 更准确的, more complete or more timely sources of 信息. 态度不对该等信息提供任何保证,也不对您使用该等信息承担任何责任. 任何依赖本网站资料的风险均由您自行承担. For any further 信息 or in the event of doubt, we recommend that you consult primary, 更准确的, more complete or more timely sources of 信息. 我们还建议您仔细阅读并遵循所提供产品或其包装上的所有使用说明.


You understand that we reserve the right to 10betapp体育官网, update or correct any 信息 or 内容 of this 网站, at our sole discretion, without prior notice and 在任何时候 (包括 after you have submitted your order), 但是,您理解并同意我们不承担更新的义务, 修改, correct or clarify 信息 provided in the 网站, 包括 without limitation, 定价 信息, except as required by law.




We welcome any product re视图s, 评论, 建议, 反馈, 信息, 的想法, 意见, 您在我们的网站或由的态度管理的社交媒体平台上提供或发布或在线发送的提案或其他类似性质的内容, 通过电子邮件, 通过邮政邮件, or otherwise (collectively "用户内容"), subject to the 使用条款.


All 用户内容 is under your control, 和你, 不是态度, have full responsibility for its the legitimacy, 合法性, 可靠性, 精度, appropriateness and compliance with applicable legislations (包括 复制rights). 您同意您的评论不会侵犯任何第三方的任何权利, 包括 复制right, 商标, 隐私, personality or other personal or 专有的 right. You further agree that your 评论 will not contain 诽谤的 or otherwise unlawful, abusive or obscene material, 或包含任何可能以任何方式影响本服务或任何相关网站运行的计算机病毒或其他恶意软件. You may not 使用 a false e‑mail address, pretend to be someone other than yourself, 或以其他方式误导我们或第三方关于任何评论的来源. 您对您所作的任何评论及其准确性负全部责任. We take no responsibility and assume no liability for any 评论 posted by you or any third-party. 所有的用户内容都是完全自愿的,只反映了提交它的人的意见,并不一定反映态度的观点.


您承认并同意的态度明确拒绝对任何用户内容承担任何责任. You hereby release, 解除并同意使的态度和任何代表其行事的人免受与用户内容有关的任何责任.


我们可能, but have no obligation to, 监控, 编辑或删除内容,我们决定在我们的唯一自由裁量权是非法的, 进攻, 威胁, 诽谤的, 诽谤, 淫秽或其他令人反感或违反任何一方的知识产权或这些使用条款. Subject to our 隐私政策, 所有用户内容将被视为非机密和非专有. 的态度没有义务为任何评论或回应任何评论而支付赔偿.


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to 使用 or not such 用户内容, without any obligation on our part.You agree that we may, 在任何时候, without restriction, and our sole discretion, 编辑, 复制, 发布, 分发, 翻译或以其他方式在任何媒体上使用任何用户内容.


Resale Prohibition


Our products are intended for personal, 仅用于非商业目的,并且仅打算通过的态度的分销网络进行销售. 因此, 任何出售, 购买, 分销或10betapp体育官网我们的产品,目的是在的态度的分销网络之外转售, 即, 但不限于此, through any websites or social media platform, 是禁止的. In addition to damage or claim that we may have for an infringement of our 商标, 我们的产品或其他任何知识产权的完整性, 任何违反本款的行为都可能导致民事诉讼, where appropriate, criminal liability of its author(s).


Intellectual Property and Copyrights


的态度, or its providers, exclusively own and retain all right, title and interest in and to the 网站, 以及的态度在本网站上使用的所有内容(包括软件), 材料, 格式, 口号, 接口, 信息, 文本, data, 图形, 图片, video, 标志, 图标, audio, 内容, 计算机代码, 专有的, 设计, 安排, 等), and also all 商标s, 产品名称, and 标志 or any other intellectual property appearing on this 网站 (collectively “Intellectual Property Material”). This Intellectual Property Material is protected by Canadian and international 复制right, 商标, 专利, 商业秘密和其他知识产权或专有权利法律. All rights are reserved.


It is strictly forbidden to 使用, in any manner whatsoever, and to reproduce, 打印, 商店, 重新编辑, 10betapp体育官网, 上传, 下载, sell or otherwise 复制 the 内容s of this 网站 or any Intellectual Property Material, whether in whole or in part, 出于某种原因, on any medium or in any format whatsoever, whether already invented or invented in the future, without the prior written consent of 的态度.


的态度允许您在家中查看和打印本网站的内容和页面,供您个人和私人使用, but in no way for a commercial 使用. Any alteration or digitally enhanced of any element of the Intellectual Property Material, 本网站的资料或任何其他内容是严格禁止的, without the prior written consent of 的态度.


使用条款和您对本网站的访问或使用并不授予您任何权利, 本网站内容或知识产权材料的所有权或权益,态度保留与知识产权有关的所有权利. Any 使用 of the 网站, other than as expressly permitted herein, 是否违反了本协议并可能构成侵犯版权, 商标, intellectual property or other laws.


In case of a breach of any terms of this section, 您使用本网站的权利将立即终止,您必须销毁您所拥有的任何及所有内容副本.


Third-Party Hyperlinks and Tools


网站上出现的一些超链接可能会让您访问并将您转到不属于的态度的其他外部网站,并且网站上也可能提供一些第三方服务或工具. 的态度 has no control over these external websites, 第三方服务或工具,不对其内容负责. 在网站上包含此类外部超链接或第三方工具或服务仅供参考,并不意味着态度认可, approves or guarantees in any way the 信息 posted or the 表示 made therein, 包括 their products, 服务, warranty or else.


您承认并同意,您全权负责并承担与您使用任何此类外部网站或第三方资源(包括任何交易)相关的所有风险,您必须确保您查阅了其条款、条件和政策. 的态度 will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential 损害赔偿, 损失或索赔s of any kind, 由于您访问或使用外部网站而产生的, the 服务 or any 信息 contained therein via a hyperlink contained on this 网站. 此外, 如果这些外部网站的内容违反现行法律和监管规定,的态度不承担任何责任.


You acknowledge and agree that access to or 使用 of the 网站 or any external websites, as well as any third-party 服务 or 工具, 可能涉及通过您的计算机和/或与其相连的外围设备感染计算机病毒的潜在风险. 的态度对此类外部网站的安全性或无病毒性质不作任何陈述,并明确拒绝承担这方面的任何责任.


此外, 态度提醒您,任何创建超链接到本网站是严格禁止的,没有明示, prior and written consent of 的态度.




By using the 网站, you agree at all times to defend, 赔偿, and hold 的态度, its parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their respective officers, 董事, 员工, 承包商, 供应商和代表免受任何和所有索赔, 负债, 行动, 损害赔偿, 损失, 成本, and expenses (包括, 但不限于此 to, attorneys' fees and 法律 expenses), direct or indirect, arising in any way from or in connection with : (a) any breach or violation of this 使用条款 or our 隐私政策; (b) any access to your account, by yourself or anyone else, and any activity performed through it; (c) your 使用 of the 网站 or any service available on or through the 网站; (d) any 内容 or 信息 that you have provided on the 网站; (e) an infringement of any Intellectual Property Material; or (f) a violation of any law, regulation or the rights of a third-party.


我方保留对贵方须赔偿的任何事项进行独家辩护和控制的权利, 在此情况下,您同意协助并与的态度合作, 对需求, in asserting any available defenses.


Disclaimer of Warranty


Your 使用 of the 网站 is at your own risk. You understand and agree that the 网站 is provided to you on an “As Is” and “As Available” basis. Without limiting the foregoing, 的态度 makes no 表示 and disclaims all expressed and implied warranties, guarantees and conditions of any kind, 包括 without limitation, 表示, warranties or conditions regarding 精度, 货币, 可用性, 及时性, 完整性, non-infringement, uninterrupted or 错误-free operation, 安全, 合法性, 适用性, 适销性, fitness for any particular purpose, or those arising by law, 法令, 贸易用法, or course of dealing.


No 建议 or 信息, whether oral or written, 从的态度(或其任何代表)或通过本网站获得的信息, its social media platform or a newsletter will create any warranty not expressly made herein.


Limitation of Liability


To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, 的态度, its parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their respective officers, 董事, 员工, 承包商, 代理, 合作伙伴, 供应商及其代表不承担任何损害赔偿责任, 受伤, 损失或索赔, direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, of any kind whatsoever, 包括 without limitation, 人身伤害, 利润损失, data, 使用, 良好的意愿, or other intangible 损失, resulting or related, directly or indirectly, with: (a) any access to your account, by yourself or anyone else, or inability to access it, or any activity performed through it; (b) your access or 使用 of the 网站 or any service available on or through the 网站; (c) the 购买 or 使用 of goods or 服务 offered by 的态度; (d) any 内容 or 信息 obtained from the 网站; (e) any 错误s, inaccuracies or 遗漏s contained on the 网站 or any element linked to this 网站; or (f) any failure of performance, 错误, 遗漏, 中断, communication failure, delay in operation, 在传输, 缺陷, 盗窃, 病毒, destruction or unauthorized 使用 or access to, or alteration of this 网站.


在任何情况下,的态度都不对您的电脑造成的任何损害负责, the data contained thereon, 或其外围设备,并明确否认所有此类责任, 包括任何延迟或任何数据传输失败的责任. At all time, you agree that your exclusive and sole remedy is to stop using the 网站.


Duration and Termination


本使用条款自您访问本网站之日起生效并对您具有约束力,并在终止之前一直有效. 如果您愿意,您可以随时停止使用本网站或暂停访问. 态度可能, in its sole discretion, cease providing you with access to the 网站 在任何时候, without prior notice, without or 出于某种原因 whatsoever. You will remain liable for all amounts due to 的态度 up to and 包括 the date of termination.


In case of termination, your obligations under these 使用条款 will survive, 包括 the ones in relation to indemnification, 责任限制和对知识产权的尊重.


Upon termination of this 协议, 出于某种原因 whatsoever : (a) 的态度 will no longer provide with access to the 网站 和你 agree to cease using it; and (b) 的态度 will be entitled to retain, 使用 and communicate your personal 信息 in accordance with this 使用条款, with 的态度’s 隐私政策 and all applicable laws.




如果态度公司履行本协议规定的任何义务, or in the order confirmation, 由于不可抗力事件或任何其他超出的态度控制范围的原因(包括全部或部分中断或罢工)而延迟, 包括 of postal 服务, means of transport and/or communications), 然后,履行日期应延长一段与延期相等的时间. 如果不可抗力或任何其他超出其控制范围的原因导致该等义务不能履行,的态度不承担责任.


Entire Agreement, Severability and Waiver


These 使用条款 constitute the entire and only 协议 between you and 的态度, and supersede any written or oral, prior or contrary, 协议, 条款, representation or warranty, 包括 any prior version of the 使用条款. 所有的条款, 表示, 本使用条款中所包含的保证和义务对您和的态度双方均有约束力,并符合双方的利益, and any respective successors, permitted assigns, 法律 representatives, heirs and trustees.


本使用条款的任何规定无效或不可执行,或不适用于任何人或任何情况, 出于某种原因 whatsoever, 不影响本使用条款其余条款的有效性. 对这些服务使用条款的解释中的任何含糊之处,不得被起草方曲解.






The 使用条款, and all activities available on and through the 网站, are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and any federal laws of 加拿大. 是否会出现国际法可能适用或与其他司法管辖法有冲突的情况, the governing law(s) will be applied. 《10bet官方版app》不得以任何方式适用于本使用条款或本使用条款所拟进行的交易.


您明确同意任何索赔或争议与态度, 其附属公司, 员工 or representatives, or relating to the 使用条款, or relating in any way to your access, 本网站的使用或内容(包括在本网站下的任何订单), 将受魁北克省法院的专属管辖, 加拿大.


Customer Service


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